Interview with Ed Marciniak

No that's fine. Going back to the war on poverty and the fact that Mayor Daley took the war on poverty and made it part of his own machine. Can you tell me about how Mayor Daley, what his response to the war on poverty programs was?


Well, the war on poverty in Chicago, ah, was a war that w- had the approval of the office of economic opportunity. So the strategy here in Chicago to carry on the war against poverty was probably no different than it was in forty or fifty other cities. It, it is true that the, since it was government money that was coming in, the mayor wanted to make sure that the money was used in accordance with city policy and was not used to, ah, fight City Hall. And therefore he created a Chicago Committee on Urban Opportunity. That, that was its name. And the, the guy that headed it was Deacon J. Brooks, ah, a former editor of the Daily Defender, Chicago Daily Defender. And he had headed up that, that program.