Interview with Ed Marciniak

Let me go back to the marches through the White neighborhood. Given the fear about loosing property value, there was an extraordinary amount of hate and disgusting signs, horrible slogans, and rock throwing and bottle throwing. Was that hate typical of Chicago? Where did that come from? The White anger?


To look at the television portrayal of the marchers was to see only part of the reality. Where were all the other people in those neighborhoods? Ten, twenty times those who stood on the streets. They weren't part of it. And it was a mistake I think, ah, to smear everybody who lived in the neighborhood for the actions of those protectors, those vilifiers, ah, those people who manifested hatred on the sidewalks of these neighborhoods. The, the, the television stations really never could figure out whether that was a representative group of people who were on the sidewalks, ah, ah, throwing stones and rocks at the marchers.