Interview with Rosie Mars

Do you think any of your children might be able to emulate Harold some day? Would you want them to?


Well, ah, it's that individual. I don't feel like anyone can duplicate Harold. Harold was an individual. He was respected. Ah, no one can fill his shoes. But I'm quite sure that we can get us some, ah, leading leaders, ah, and I don't want to use that word leader because he was not a leader. You know, he was a man with great ideas. He was a man that was working for his goal and his beliefs. His goals and belief just included the, for all, that was it. And, if, we could just get people to see what he was saying. I mean, you liked the way he speak. You loved his diction. But did you define the words that he used? I mean did you comprehend what he was saying? It's you. It's you. He's not here to lead you. Harold went home every night and slept in his own bed. He went to City Hall and he sit at that desk, you know. And, ah, if one day one of my children would happen to, ah, achieve their goal, sure.


All right stop that. Very good. Excellent.