Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

OK, so, Mrs. Matthews, could you tell us about, um, a time when you would go downtown to visit some of the city council people and find them less than helpful?


Well, um, we would go down, and in committees and things like that, fighting for, you know, for more money and houses, and stuff like that. And they would tell us, "We don't have the money to do this. We don't have the money to do that." And then we would say that you do have it. "You have money for this and you have money--" "But we don't have money for that." And then, you know, we get in a confrontation back and forth, and stuff like that. Ah, Ira Jackson, Q.B. William, and John Calhoun, so now, Q.B. is dead, and Calhoun is dead, too, so Andrew Jackson is still here.