Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

What did he say?


Well, he was, he was basically the same thing that King was saying, Jesse Jackson was saying them too, you know, he was telling them, "Just because you was born in poverty, you don't have to live in poverty." And that, that was some of his speaking activity you know. And in this life you don't. Just because you're born in poverty, you don't have to live in it. You're born there. Poverty don't be born in you. You're born in poverty. But poverty don't be born in you. And, I just think, you know, my philosophy is this. If you want to be somebody, you can be somebody, you know. It's up to you to be what you want to be, it's up to you. If you don't want to be nothing, you don't be nothing. But don't try to hinder me from being somebody. But you can be anybody you want to be. With God in front, you can be anybody.