Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

And now, you also said something about how you felt that some people fell by the wayside after Resurrection City, after all the disappointments of 1968. I wonder if you could speak on that.


Well, ah, after Dr. King got assassinated, you know. It just seemed like a lot of people just gave up and just fell by the wayside because they felt that by him being gone, you know, that they didn't see no point in going on, you know. They just felt that if they went on, you know, that it wouldn't do no good. Some of them, not all of them. And a lot of peoples who, who was with Dr. King, yes, they fell by the wayside because they gave up first, you know, and, and, ah, ah, Reverend Abernathy, Jose William and just a lot of them. But Representative Tyrone Brook, he kept on. And after meeting, two or three kept on.