Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

What about you?


I kept on. And I will continue to keep on as long as breath is in my body because, soon as I don't, a lot of grandchildren, other, my other members, sister, my other sisters and brothers, they got a lot of children and grandchildren. One day, we going to have to give up and see childrens of the 50s are going to be the future of the world. And that's why I let her, that's why I exposed mine because, you know, when they get out there, they'll know what they're going to face. And you do face a lot of problem. Because when I first started this work I was harassed. I got a lot of threatening letters which I kept because I just had two dozen which I keeps threatening me that I was making problems, you know, that I was opening up people's eyes and I shouldn't do that and I shouldn't do this and they was telling me they were going to bomb my house and i done kept the letters. They was going to bomb my house. They was going to kill my children. Someone would call and ask me, "Where do I want my body shipped?" and all that kind of stuff. Trying to discourage me. But the more they did that the more determined I got and the more strong I got because I believe in God and I know he would take care of me. Now some of the places that I go in now, when I first started this work, a lot of doors were slammed in my face. I couldn't go in there. A lot of doors were slammed in my face. And I'm not just talking about certain door, just a lot of more slammed in my face. But now, a lot of the doors that were slammed in my face, when I go now, they open up to me and I can walk in. And that's why when I look back over all of the frustration, all of the temptation, all of the confusion, all of the hurts, all of the tears, all of the lost and all of the pain, when I look back, I say it was worth it. It was worth it.