Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

Why did you think it was important for a poor person to run for elected office?


Because, you know the plight of the other poor person. You know the plight of him. But, I feel that, if you don't have to live like a poor person, you don't know the plight of another poor person--you don't know it. But, if you have to live it from day to day, week to week, month to month, you know what it is to be poor. You know what it is to not have money to pay your bills. Not have money to pay your house rent. Not have money to pay, you know, your light bill, your gas bill, your water bill. You know how it is. And, so, that's why I think it need to be some poor peoples in office who know the sympathy of the next poor person; that's why I wanted to run.