Interview with Ethel Mae Matthews

When Maynard Jackson won election, there was a Black mayor in the city for the first time. Did that make a difference to you, and to poor people in Atlanta?


Yes. It made, It really made it different. Because, that's the first Black mayor we had. And, that's what we was working hard for--to bring a Black person in office, you know, that knew some of the plight of the poor peoples**. And, Maynard Jackson was good. He was good, and he did what he could. And, you had to understand. I don't care who you get in office, they going to make you promises--all kinds of promises: they going to do this for you; they going to do that for you. But, when they get in there, it's so much they can do for you. And, some of them don't do nothing for you. But, it was a channel to us who were poor, who needed somebody, felt our sympathy; that's why we worked hard to get him elected.