Interview with Josephine Mayes

Why not?


Well, because like I said, I believe in God and I always try to put God first in whatever I go to do, and when you put God first, everything will go smooth. And we believe in God and I just wasn't afraid. You know, once we got out, you know, in the mass meetings and learned different things for ourselves, and each time we went we learned something different, like I said, we learned how to do for ourselves and become our own boss and, um, we, um, got jobs, where we wouldn't be afraid, and, also we went to, the peoples in Tuskegee would come down and we, they set up schooling for the people, you know, we went to school, we had classes down here at the little road, the little schoolhouse, we had sewing classes, we had cooking classes, and we had schooling, math, arithmetic, we went to Tuskegee, we, I didn't, couldn't get in to the ballet, but had ballet, had people teaching us ballet dance and--