Interview with Josephine Mayes

Ms. Mayes, I'd like you to talk to me about the Robinson Plantation, what it was like for you before you were moved off? What kind of duties you had, the kind of life you lived there.


Well, OK, we lived on the plantation. I don't know why, I have to do my hand like that to help me out. OK.


That's all right.


We lived on the Robinson Plantation. And after my brothers had to leave, and then we left, we all left, so I moved to tent city with my husband, where I got married at. And we lived in the tents for about three or four years. And after that we built this house and we bought the land. And um, so it was something that you know, um, it was a great experiment for us after we left home. Where my mama she felt like if, you know, that if she was to leave she wouldn't have anywhere else to go. She couldn't raise the kids, so, without the White man. So after we left, she moved.