Interview with Josephine Mayes

Now tell me, what was it like in Tent City for you?


In Tent City, it was a great experience for me in Tent City, because it was something that the Blacks had been hidden behind the Whites for so long and that was something that, um, we could, I say, um, make a start for ourselves, and get out and register voters and help others become registered voters and find work for themselves, I put it like that, because there were so many things that those Blacks didn't know about, especially when we become registered voters, we got involved with lots of activities to help Black peoples to get jobs and learn how to do things for themselves like we bought land and then after we got the land, we'd able to have something that we had never had before, our own, and the house was something that you wouldn't have to worry about the White man telling you to move or you have to leave.