Interview with Rhody McCoy

Was, was there, you were talking a great deal before about an excitement and a--


Oh, It was a joy to go to a board meeting. Not only were the board members present, but the community folk was sitting around. And they had as much input as the board members. And it was always on a positive note--how do we help the youngsters?** Let me take a quick illustration. Ah, we must have had seven experimental programs or new programs, if you will, in that district. And they only could come in by the parents collectively, or by the board agreeing to it, the school representative would acknowledge the program and take it back to the parents of that school and the parents had to approve the program. So you didn't have anything going on in that school, or those schools, that the parents were 1) not aware of, or not knowledgeable, and 2) didn't support. So you had a, you had a, you know, that usual thing that they say that, ah, you need parents support and if you have a good home and the good parents support, you're going to get good education. Well we got it. We were able to get, ah, an enthusiasm--the entire community came together around the schools.