Interview with Rhody McCoy

OK. Weren't there teachers on the governing board and how did get they get off if they were on the board?


Ah, if memory serves me correct, ah, there were two at-large teachers on the governing board. In the original group I think there were more teachers. Ah, I think the union had assigned several teachers to stay with the program while it was being developed over the summer. But then when they had the governing board elections, I think they, they left a space open for two teachers. Ah, I, I think one was Phyllis Waxman and I can't think of the other person's name, but they stayed with the program. I don't think they had any, ah, anger, or any distrust, or any misgivings about the program. I think they were more conscious of union, because, face it, we didn't have the money to pay them, they were paid by New York City School System. And even though New York School System was saying, "You're legitimate," they still had control over the dollar. They sort of blended in. They were not, not a problem.