Interview with Rhody McCoy

OK, let's just jump forward. In May of '68 the transfers began of the 19 teachers. How was that decision made to transfer the teachers, what was that process? And, ah, ah, yeah, could you just talk about that process, how that came about?


Ah, it would take a long time to tell the horror stories that when the governing board came on board, suddenly became an issue. For example, there was one instance where a girl was held on a, a hot radiator and burned. Ah, the teacher said of course it was an accident. He, he was trying to restrain the girl. There was an instance where, ah, one teacher was, ah, an insurance agent and he would go lock himself up in a room and take care of his insurance business. There was an absentee principal who'd been absent for seven years. I mean I, the horror stories can keep going. So when the time came for the governing board to begin to look at its teaching staff, it did not want certain people back into the district. And they had to find a reason. These, exp- examples that I gave were legitimate reasons that the parents now had an opportunity to tell 'em, "Hey don't come back." But that was already cushioned by the system and the union. They had a very clear statement in the proposal that if any teacher did not want to participate in the experiment, they could ask to be removed and they would be removed. It was clear, send them and if, if in fact, we did not want a teacher, we could send the teachers down to the Board of Education for reassignment. And there're all kind of horror stories behind that. So when these parents decided that these were the teachers who were still doing the same things that they had done, shouldn't be in the district teaching their children, they brought 'em to me. I think the first, this was about 21 or so names, and we sat down and talked to the governing board members of the school and the principal of the school and we came to the conclusion that these people were not going to work well in the system. And they had also demonstrated that they were opposed to the experiment**, they weren't teaching, ah, and a, a variety of other things. So the governing board made the decision, collectively, based on the recommendation of myself and the individual board member to ask those teachers to go back to the, to the central headquarters for reassignment.


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