Interview with Rhody McCoy

Was there ever any possibility of a truce with the UFT by the time it got to the fall of '68? Did, would, did you think, was there ever any way the UFT was going to support the experiment by the fall of '68?


Oh, I'm, I'm sure that there were several possibilities. One would be to get rid of me. If, if I would step down, ah, they would support the project. There was no question about it. Ah, if we would take the teachers back and let them have their regular assignments, there would be no problem. If we'd get rid of, ah, Les Campbell and Al Vann there'd be no problem. Ah, if we, if we, ah, ah, did not appoint any more principles, ah, using the state system, and go back. If we administered standardized- there were all kinds of opportunities by the union, or offers from the union, and, and let me add that the, ah, union supervisors were right in bed with the teachers, teachers union. So, yeah, there were all kinds of opportunities for them to support the project if, if we had done any or all of these combinations of things. But then, what would you have had? You wouldn't have had a project. You'd have a shell. You'd have some semblance of a project. So they made offers and overtures religiously. So, the supervisors union as well as the teachers union.