Interview with Rhody McCoy

The incident when you marched across the Brooklyn Bridge. How did that come about? Describe that event in the fall of '68.


Ah, ah, Mayor Lindsay had, ah, I believe to this day Mayor Lindsay was in support of, of the experiment. 'Cause I think he saw some good things. And I think some of the people like McGeorge Bundy and them who had been out, ah, ah, ah, Roy Wilkins, the people who had been out and told him we were dead serious about educating, and we'd done some miraculous things. As a matter of fact, after the experiment was over, ah, they tested all these youngsters who we refused to give the standardized tests. But the system tested them, and they tested out, blew, blew the scale. So, they saw good things happening. Ah, and what we were going to do was to go over and, and demonstrate in, in front of Mayor Lindsay's office, the support of the community to continue the process. Because we had gone through the, ah, the, I think at that time we had gone through the trusteeship. Ah, the trusteeship was over. So, ah, then, the other part of that was, ah, they wanted to bring, I know his name now, that Mr. Bloomfeld, that was the ex-principal of 271 back. And, ah, if you recall, they, they


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