Interview with Rhody McCoy

Briefly, could you just describe the event of marching across the Brooklyn Bridge? What started it?


The, the, the community felt that, ah, given the attacks by the union that we had best go over to City Hall and, and demonstrate to, ah, City Hall and the officials that the community was in support of the program, despite all of the headaches. And so that was orchestrated, ah, to walk over the bridge. Actually, we did not walk over the bridge. We went down and met at City Hall. And from that spontaneously, ah, some of the parents, ah, I, I'm thinking of Miss Hanson and, ah, ah, Miss Torres suggested that. And, ah, Reverend Oliver that we, to demonstrate for the city that we walk over the bridge. Then we cross the bridge you'd be right in front of, of Board of Ed headquarters. You just walk over the bridge to Board of Ed headquarters, taking this entire community and show both the mayor and the school system that they were in support of, of the program and didn't want it to change. And then we left the Board of Education and walked back to Bedford Stuyvesant.