Interview with Rhody McCoy

What, what mistakes, what mistakes were made by the board, by the community board as far as you can see, and what were some of the mistakes that you as an administrator may have made in, in, in administering the Ocean Hill-Brownsville?


Ah. I, to the best of my recollection I don't think there were any mistakes made by the, the board. You, you've got to understand that these were community people who were disenfranchised with the system, who were nameless and faceless, who had never been incorporated and included, even though their children were mandated to go to school. For them to take on that responsibility was tremendous**. And they did a Herculean job. The problems that I think we made as professionals and me included was that we had been in the system too long. We were, we were imbued with the bureaucratic system. We had to do things according to certain criteria which we'd learned or had been subjected to in our careers. Ah, and we didn't have the resources to do it independently. So we were really in a sense dependent on the school system. We did not have the kind of coalition the standard union would have or that the non-Black community had. We had only our resources and they were just meager.