Interview with Rhody McCoy

OK. Let's jump ahead a little bit. When you- how were you chosen to come to Ocean Hill Brownsville, as the administrator and what was your first interaction like with the community groups in Ocean Hill Brownsville, a little bit of the story that you were telling earlier?


Ah, either Father Powis, a name who I did not know and, or a Reverend Oliver or both, a name I did not know, called me and asked me would I be interested in working with, ah, some schools in Bedford Stuyvesant over the summer? At that time I was the Principal. And I would quickly define and say Acting Principal because I didn't have the Principal's license, but I was the Principal of, of the Peter Cooper School at 82nd and West End Avenue. And I went out for an interview. Ah, the interview was conducted in, ah, Junior, Junior High School 271. And, ah, obviously I must have been the last candidate that day. And I was sitting out in the hall and they gave me the proposal to read. And I read it. And, ah, by the time I finished reading it, ah, I saw, ah, one person come out from the interview and then another person came out from the interview. And I made up my mind at that point that, what I read on paper and what I saw coming out as potential, and I made the assumption, ah, Directors of the Summer Program, there was a game being run on the people. So, they called me in. It was my turn for an interview. And, ah, I think, ah, ah, Father Powis, or, or Sam Wright, Assemblyman Wright, introduced me as being a Principal up in upper Manhattan who had had a number of years in the 600 Schools, who had worked with Milton Galamison. They gave me all of the things but said, ah, they had asked Edith Gaines who would they recommend and she told them to talk to me because I was a, a progressive, dedicated individual. And, ah, so the interview started. And I said to the people, let me just say this to you, A game is being run on you. This is a fraud and it's a hoax. It's designed to detour you from what your goal is. And it's a summer program, which is the typical kind of things that they do. And one of the Board members, ah, said to me.