Interview with Jessie McCrary

Do you as an attorney and dealing with the community, do you recall any stories that sort of exemplify what you're talking about?


Absolutely, let me, let me give you a horror story. I represented a Black policeman, who was an undercover officer, who was making a phone call one night at a hotel, right on Biscayne Boulevard in plain clothes. Two cops walked up to him and said, "Boy, what are you doing?" He said, "Listen, I'm about to make a drug buy. I'm an undercover officer with the City of Miami Police Department. If you don't believe me, go look in my car. Look up under the seat and there's my badge or you can call Major Bronner, he'll verify." They said, "We'll verify something." They put him in it, in their car. This is a fellow policeman. Put him in the car. Took him to a warehouse area, beat him half to death and then one of the, then they called their sergeant. Then they discovered the guy really is a fellow policeman. They then said to themselves, "What do we do with him now?" Took him to the hospital. Didn't let his family see him for two days. Wife doesn't know where here husband is. Big cover up. That's against a fellow policeman. There are untold stories of people I've represented and other lawyers have represented, where one policeman, a young kid was running away, the policemen caught him, grabbed him down from a fence, kicked him, eye gone. There are thousands and thousands of stories like that.