Interview with Jessie McCrary

Is Miami and its relationship to the police and police and the treatment of Blacks in Miami, is there anything unique or special there, I mean, is it different than anyplace else in America? I mean, what makes this like that?


I think that it's like that because of what the structure of the Miami Police Department has been over the years. And remember in Police Departments as in other sections of government, the middle management does not move very often. It stays the same and those same hard, cold kinds of attitudes prevail at the middle management level and then trickles down to the guy on the beat because he knows he can whoop up against the brother's head anytime, nothing's going to happen but a reprimand. And until we change that middle part it's not going to change. There are some efforts to do that now. Obviously, there's a Black police chief. But even that doesn't change the middle management where the real day to day decisions are made. I'm not talking about policy. I'm talking about day to day decisions.


OK, let's stop down.