Interview with Jessie McCrary

How did Black people respond to the charge that a lot of people in three-piece suits sold them out after the riots, that nothing really has changed or is going to change?


I think that out there in the streets and in little houses across Miami, people were distrustful of a good number of people who call themselves leaders. For example, the White structure, power structure, after one disturbance brought in Andy Young. People said, "Why are you bringing Andy Young in here to solve a problem that we can tell you about?" And that's happened over and over and over again, that much of the power structure, has absolutely been insensitive to the concerns here. Now, the other part of it is, We have not been as militant as we should have been. There is no way we should have let Overtown disappear. But we got snookered. And we got snookered because we were not minding our knitting. We should have been there, the governmental board meetings, at the meetings that talk about development. We were not there. And we trusted people that it was going to be OK**.