Interview with Jessie McCrary

Jessie, you had been telling me earlier about how government displaced people in Overtown. In fact you called it governmental cancer. Tell me about that. What happened with respect to Overtown? Talk to me.


Overtown was destroyed because of government. More so, government is the villain. There are some particular examples I can site for you. The trans- State Transportation Department decided that that's where Interstate I-95 should go. The county government put its Administration Building there. The federal government put a United States Post Office on the most popular social gathering place that Black people had in the history of this county. The new arena is in Overtown. The Mass Transit has a station in Overtown. You, you have to understand, Overtown is adjacent to downtown Miami. Downtown Miami cannot ex., expand southward. It can't expand westward. It can't expand eastward because they would be in the bay. And the only place it can expand is Overtown. Now, Black people were easy prey. They had no political power because they didn't have any people in office. So what government did, was they take, took a little at a time. First they cut the finger off and then they cut the hand off and then they cut the arm off and pretty soon Overtown's dead**. In addition to the fact that many things in Overtown were owned by Whites who put up massive apartment buildings and when government started moving in they immediately moved those tenants out because they saw chances to make huge profits from government's desire to move in.


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