Interview with Jessie McCrary

Let's switch tracks just a second. Now, tell me something about the non-group. Tell me what it is and who's on it, and what it do.


The non-group, let me tell you about the, the non-group, the power structure in this town. The non-group is a group of 49 people. All of whom are rich, except for one of them, consist of the major executives in this town, Florida Power and Light, the Southern Bell, the Eastern Airlines, the Burger King, the real, real heavyweights. You won't see their names in the newspapers, very seldom. But they control this town because they be- they are the policy makers. And they are the people who can make things happen, government move. When there is a tax issue, for example, recently there was a tax issue. The non-group decided that it wanted to support that tax issue. The issues passes. And that issue was the Mass Transit issue. The governmental leaders in this town are not as strong as the non-group when it gets to the bottom line. They certainly have their sphere of power but it's the power behind the scenes, and I'm convinced that the non-group is that single entity that makes government move in a direction, not a selfish direction, not a selfish direction but in a direction that is going to be beneficial to people. It, ah, it's done some things for, for Blacks. As a result of the non-group, roughly about seven million dollars was pumped into an organization called Business Assistance Center which was designed to give some financial aid to small entrepreneurs in the Black community. And that's without government, that was purely a private gesture.