Interview with Frederica McDuffie

Now, what business did he go into when he got out of the service, and why?


Once he'd gotten out of the service, like I said, we've gotten married because, it was like a, maybe a month from the time he was out of the service. We lived in a small duplex, one bedroom, and he was not working, he was looking for a jo--employment, so, um, he always wanted something that was top-related. OK, and once he started looking for his employment, he was working as, um, Wells-Fargo, and I think, to my knowledge he worked there for three months and he felt as though it was dangerous. He didn't really like it too well. Then he decided that he would go into UPS service, driving trucks, and actually, he stated, he said it was too much hard work, long hours. And we were at home, and what happened was we didn't have no type of insurance, and the insurance salesman came around and he knocked on the door. And he was welcoming and he spoke with us about taking out insurance. In the meantime, we did accept taking out the insurance, and he also spoke with him about becoming insurance salesman. And he took upon that application of applying for the insurance salesman, and, um, he reached his goal, he's doing very well, and he'd strive on and strived on until he became supervisor and had several guys working up under his commands, and he enjoyed it.


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