Interview with Frederica McDuffie

What was the wedding like? Tell me about it, describe, paint me a picture of your wedding day.


Oh, my wedding day was very exciting. I think we both were more anxious than ever. The night before the wedding, we, well, we rehearsal for the wedding and after the wedding rehearsal we were not allowed to see one another. And I think he was a little bit too excited to see me, so he decided that he would come over anyway to see me bef--the day of the wedding, and I was at my mother's house, and he had to bring over the corsage for my mom, and as he entered the door, he says, "Where's my wife?" And my mom said, "Not your wife yet." So he was trying to get back to see me, and everyone said, "No, you can't see the bride, you can't see her now until the time of the wedding." So I think it was quite exciting, you know, more excited to see me before the, you know, the final time of the wedding.