Interview with John McDermott

What I wanna do is, is move up to the summit. The agreements, the accords, the negotiating process, and, um, the negotiators were critili- criticized for settling for too little, um, too soon. Can you, um, were you looking for a way out?


Are we on? Oh. The negotiators have been criticized for settling for too little for too soon. I don't agree with that. I think, ah, we got what we could. I thought it was an honorable agreement. Ah, what was on the minds of the negotiators for the Freedom Movement was the fact that, in a sense we had reached our peak. It was the middle of August. Remember what a movement is, it's a group of volunteers. It's a, ah, it's summer soldiers, good people, but many of them were students, many of them would be going back to college in a few weeks. It was in our judgment time to get what we could with the strength that we had demonstrated. And, ah, there is nothing wrong with the summit agreement in my judgment. It's not a perfect agreement. What people criticize is that many of the promises which were made to us were not kept. Ah, but I think that's a problem of implementation and follow through rather than the agreement itself.