Interview with Louis McDuffie

Mr. McDuffie, you told me once that you guys used to roughhouse and a lot. Tell me something about that.


Yeah, especially after he got out of the Marines, you know. We used to, ah, kid around a lot. He was, he had all kind of medals for, ah, firearms and stuff like that and I always thought I was a good shot, but, ah, he was even better, expert and whatever and, ah, it just went from one extreme to the other. We would kid around, start wrestling or whatever or boxing and stuff like that and he would always, you know, come out on the top, you know, and, I thought by me being the oldest and, and bigger than him, I could handle him, you know, but, ah, it was not true, man, that guy he was just like a, a slippery rag or something, you know, just couldn't hold him, you know. And, ah, but as far as, you know, getting upset or getting mad even if he, you know, threw me down or something like that and, you know, we never let it go beyond the point of just what it meant, you know, just a friendly kidding around or whatever, just, but, ah, those are some of the, ah, the good times that we had together and, ah, ah, I really, you know, enjoyed those times with him.