Interview with Louis McDuffie

Moving ahead in time now, it's, ah, take me to your brother's funeral. I even haven't seen photographs or pictures of it. Paint me a picture here of your favorite brother, war hero, Marine, somebody you used to wrestle with, tell me how, how it, what was the funeral like and what were the feelings you had.


Well, at the funeral it was, ah, it was, first of all, it was a large funeral. He, ah, he knew a lot of people and it was a large funeral. We should have had it in the, ah, Dade County Auditorium other than the church that, ah, we had it at because most of the people couldn't get in. And, ah, he was, he was well liked by everybody, you know, the people that he worked with, the people that he worked for, the insurance company and just people in general. And, ah, the, the funeral was a military type funeral. You know the way they had the, ah, the, the, ah, Marines there, you know, as the pallbearers and stuff like that and, and, it was, ah, it was a sad moment. Ah, knowing, you know, that, ah, someone that you really cared for and been around, you know, for a long time, all his life and knowing that he was gone, you know, that, ah, not, ah, knowing so much that he was gone but the way it happened and the results and everything from it, really, even made it more, more, ah, made it harder really. And, ah, like I say he was very well liked by everybody.