Interview with Louis McDuffie

Did you remember when he said he was going into the Marines?


No, I don't remember when he say he was going into the, when he said he was going into the Marines. Ah, all I knew, one day he popped up and he told me, he says, "Brother, I'm going in the Marines." I says, "Are you kidding?" you know, "Are you kidding me?" He says, "No, I'm going." And, ah, I didn't even know he had, you know, went down and enlisted or whatever, and, ah, until it was time for him to go. And he was for real. And I think that was one of my proudest moments with him when he, the first time he came home he was dressed in his marine uniform and, ah, he was, you know, he really looked swell in that and he, ah, he was very good at, ah, what he did in the Marines because he would always get, ah, like, you know, awards and, ah, this kind of stuff, you know, for doing good in the service and stuff. And I, I really admired him and I really felt good when I first saw him in his uniform the first time he came home, and.