Interview with Floyd McKissick

I know it was an entire family affair for the McKissicks. I wonder if you can just tell me what it was like taking your entire family along that march?


Well, after I got on the march, I called home and I think it was my one, my son and my daughter asked to some down and then they talked and then a few minutes later they said they all wanted to come down. And I said, "Well, come on." Of course it was not the first time that all of my family had marched with me. We had marched together in North Carolina and even my mother, ah, my, ah, my, ah, wife was pregnant at the time that she marched on many of the demonstrations earlier. So it was nothing new for any of us in our family. My oldest daughter, Jocelyn had been arrested far more times than I have in marches and demonstrations. But they call came and we had a lot of fun, marching, meeting people, singing, going into people's homes. Following the blues trends and making our notes and coming back over the blues route. We knew route 51, ah, first hand and we came all the way down, so they came all the way down, up until we got to Jackson on that Sunday.