Interview with Floyd McKissick

Tell me about how you were injured in Canton?


Oh, Canton, Mississippi that night, we went on to that--there'd been a debate about which school ground to use and we finally said we were going to the Black school ground. And we went to the Black school ground and we had no knowledge that, ah, we would be denied the use of the segregated school ground and when we got there we found all of the Mississippi State Troopers armed and lined up. I was on the top of a, of a six-wheeler, ah, ah, 18-wheeler I should say. And the leaders were speaking from that platform that night. And as we started speaking, the, the tear gas canisters started flying around us and one hit me on my knee and I fell from the top to the ground and that's when I, ah, ah, heard a crack and my, ah, my disc had gone out of place. In spite of that we went to the march and went on through to Jackson on the following Sunday. But Canton was a scene where, I think, Stokely was gassed, ah, was gassed severely. But the two of us I think suffered more than anyone else except the populace from the gas that was put out there.