Interview with Floyd McKissick

You were saying one of the problems of the Meredith march take it from there.


The irony of the Meredith march is that we had to place charades. In other words were forced to carry a posture of non-violence. Yet when we went in the community and at every public meeting we had as many people who believed in violence and who would say I will give you my money and I will give you my food but I can't agree with the posture of non-violence. That was the reality that we faced. Now I felt that the time was that a movement is made up of all people and our community is based upon sane people, insane people, people light colored, Black colored, purple, you know, and we could no longer demand a philosophy of a man who had a common aspiration to share in a constitution of the United States and particular when he would be called upon to go to the war in Vietnam to give his life and be required and be taught a violent posture.