Interview with Floyd McKissick

I'm going to change the subject completely and go over to this Ocean Hill-Brownsville situation and ask you for CORE's position on that community controlled schools.


CORE's position on community controlled schools was first, any school in a community should have parents, all the teachers and the community leaders involve in the program and the curriculum so that children could be taught and be the products to live and be educated to compete in the society that they were about to compete in upon graduation to compete in. We believe that the Boards, which many times have been exclusively White in certain communities, ah, should now open up. We believe that the curriculum should change. We believe that all students should be exposed to Black History for example. We believe that, that trades and what was taught at, there were certain courses being taught at predominantly Black schools, ah, ah, Black kids were being created to go into the work force without, without getting a liberal arts education. We believe that these communities once they had control of the schools, that the quality of education would be improved and the products of the schools would be able to compete in American society.


Very good. Thank you very much. That's a stop Do your room tone.