Interview with Floyd McKissick

Describe to me how you heard about the shooting of James Meredith and what did you do then?


Ah, I was called from Memphis, Tennessee by a friend, an associate of James Meredith and was told that he had been shot, ah, we were in our office then I think at 38 Park Row. I returned the call, ah, to find out how Meredith was. He was in the hospital. Meredith and I had had a relationship. We knew each other from the NAACP of many years in the past, ah, I had, ah, we had both been, ah, ah, ah, had been the first to go to the university. I was the first to go to the University of North Carolina. He was the first to go to Mississippi. Except his situation was far more publicized than, than mine. So through, from the NAACP days we had known each other and after he came to New York we were associated with each other.