Interview with Floyd McKissick

Okay, I know a number of different civil rights groups came together in the Lorraine Motel to discuss plans for the march. There seemed to be some issues that needed to be resolved and some disagreement. Can you describe what that was all about?


Well, yes. Ah, first of all, they were trying, we were trying to get up a manifesto, a purpose for the march. And growing out of the meeting, each organization had some aims and objectives to put forth. Some wanted to narrow the focus of the march. Some organizations did not want to march. Ah, some felt that the march, marching was complete with the Selma march. Some felt that we should go on with the march. Some felt that we should now broaden our scope for the march. These various issues, ah, led to an agreement which was called a manifesto which would be used as a purpose for stating our purpose and objectives of the march, which later led to some confusion among the civil rights organizations.