Interview with Amzie Moore


[beep, tone]

Amzie Moore:

Well, it took me a while to actually get there. I think I was pretty much excited over the world as, as it was, I was going to come on up to that. And I found out that, that what I'd seen around the world was a dying civilization. I saw women give birth to children in the streets, I saw people wander about from one place to another. No mamma, no papa, no sister, no brother, give me something to eat. And that was a part of the continent of Africa. You know, Egypt is in Africa. You wouldn't know it was in there if you didn't find it out yourself 'cause they don't want to believe that Egypt is part of Africa, but it is. And so we left India and came on through the Port, Port Siad, Egypt, and hit the Suez Canal, come into the Mediterranean Sea, and then sailed on through the Straights of Gibraltar, hit the North Atlantic, and came on to Camden, New Jersey, I believe it was, I recall. Left there and came on through Kentucky, around Hattiesburg, and then finally got home at 12 o'clock one night, I don't know. Then when I got there, home, [beep, tone] the place looked strange, but I stayed there a while, and I didn't go right back to the Post Office where I was working. I stayed out a while looking around to see what I could find. And I think the biggest surprise was that I'd got back [laughter], with my enemies. They really didn't think I was going to make it back, and well, I got back and everything. And I—