Interview with Amzie Moore


Amzie Moore:

Listen, for a long time, I had the idea that a man with white skin was superior, because it appeared to me that he had everything. And I figured if God would justify the white man having everything, that God had put him in a position to be the best.** Now this is what I thought. Now this was before I went overseas. I sailed to the Atlantic, through the Atlantic Ocean to the Rock of Gibraltar and went from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, got to the Suez Canal and took a right turn and went—the Suez 104 miles to the Gulf of Eden—and got to Alexandria, Egypt. From, [unintelligible] from the Mediterranean of the Great Sea to the Suez Canal to Alexandria, Egypt to Port Siad we saw the old civilization. If you'd follow the Mediterranean Sea up a piece and turn left, you would come to the boot, Italy. And that's where the great Roman Empire had its foundation, however it spreaded out in other areas.