Interview with Amzie Moore


Amzie Moore:

Listen, for a long time, I had the idea that a man with white skin was superior, because it appeared to me that he had everything. And I figured if God uh, would justify the white man having everything, that God had put him in a position to be the best.** Now this is what I thought now. This was before I went overseas. I sailed to the Atlantic, through the Atlantic Ocean uh, to uh, the Rock of Gibraltar and uh, went from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, got to the Suez Canal and took a right turn and went the…uh, the Suez 104 miles to the Gulf of Eden - and got to Alexandria, Egypt. From, from elly…from, from, from the Mediterranean of the Great Sea to the Suez Canal to Alexandria, Egypt to Port Siad - we saw uh, the old civilization. If you'd follow the Mediterranean Sea up a piece and turn left, you would come to the boot, Italy. And that's where the great Roman Empire had its foundation, uh, however it spreaded out in other areas.