Interview with Amzie Moore


Amzie Moore:

I don't know. I have not been able until this day to explain why I had to go against my will to, by this man. Now I, I, I certainly was aware of the fact that he killed quite a number of colored people. And I wasn't, I wasn't doing it because I said, well I'll let him kill me. That, that wasn't in…that, that wasn't in my mind. Uh, I think maybe it was God letting me know that in spite of all that man had done, that he was able to control him. You know, that's the only thing I can think, cause I certainly wasn't that brave [laughter], you know. And uh, he came down with cancer and uh, I don't see him like I used to. I don't know whether he's sick or what has happened, I know he did have cancer. Uh, but that lady hadn't uh…she didn't, she'd never been to Cleveland, not Cleveland, Mississippi. But she was scheduled to speak in Cleveland, Tennessee - that's north Tennessee - going toward uh, Virginia, I guess, up there. And I was uh, I never, I didn't see her until, let me see, when did I see her? Must have been the time, a little bit before the time they got ready to hold the trial.