Interview with Evelyn Morash

You talked about, um, hosting one the coffee hours that Kevin White had with the White mothers, could you tell us what that scene was.


Kevin himself was doing that across the city, all over the place. It was one of the things I felt I should do. There were a lot of people who were, they mostly my neighbors, I would say, who were here, but Kevin had to meet as many people as possible. Because, it wasn't just parents of school children who were concerned, but people of all, people from all specters of population who were concerned about school opening. And he did that all across the city, and he came and he sat down and he answered questions. It was his ways of doing what he could, I don't know if it worked as well as he wanted it to work, but we had that, one of those here, and people were here, and he was here answering questions and trying to explain that it was the law. And he had a responsibility as the mayor to carry out the law, and there was no way that he could violate the law. And he was setting the system up in place, the city hall communication network was being set up, and people could call in. I mean, people, people in the city administration at that time did yeoman service, to make opening day as peaceful as possible.


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