Interview with Evelyn Morash

Now, how did people deal with you? Were you seen as a traitor to the cause?


To some people I was seen as a traitor I think. You know, why, why are you saying these things? Why are you standing up for this? I remember, ah, having a confrontation with, ah, a local police officer in the bank one day. And he said to me you know, "What are, what you s- what are you standing up, what are you, what are you doing this for?" I said, "Well you know," I said, "It's, it's, it's illogical, you know, because someone's skin is different than mine and different than yours they don't have the rights that, that we have." I mean, you know, you carry that one step further, I have green eyes and only one of my children have green eyes. The same logic that says because your skin is a different color and I can't mingle with you and I can't associate with you and I don't have to interact with you, carry that further and we'll say because you have green eyes you can't drive a car. And I don't want that for me and my one child with green eyes. So I do try to explain that. And it was like--dead. But I, I, I guess I was viewed as a traitor by a lot of people. But I did have a party of support. I had a supportive family. And I found the support of friends who were probably of kindred s- kindred spirits. Ah. People who to this day I'm very close.


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