Interview with Evelyn Morash

Could you tell me about this meeting before the opening of schools?


OK. There was a lot of preparation going on in that summer of '74. It was '74, before Phase 1 went into effect. And the community really was trying to get itself organized. Ah. The city had mobilized a lot of activity. There were meetings all over the place. Community, community personnel, priests. There were, ah, police departments. And I remember going to one meeting in the afternoon. It was very close to the beginning of school. And it was at the Social Center. And one of the principals came in because all the principals were there getting ready for their school openings. And one of the principals came in and he had his foot in a cast. And people hadn't seen each other over the summer and someone asked him, "What happened to your foot?" And his answer was, "Broke it kicking a nigger off a bus." And I was horrified to think here we are at a meeting to talk about a peaceful integration and we still have an attitude like this that can express itself.