Interview with Robert Moses


Robert Moses:

The people by and large most of the people in Ames County were afraid to go down. We had workshops for several weeks before we could get a handful who would agree to go. Once we got the handful to go, they would go if we went with them. And our position was that if the people wanted us to go with them, then we would go with them. If they wanted to go by themselves, then that was fine, they would go by themselves. But I think they felt some sense of security and clearly we were acting as some kind of buffer because the initial physical violence was always directed at us, at the voter registration workers who were taking the people down to register. That was the first stage, now when that didn't work, then you began to get violence directed at the people who were involved. ** The first being Herbert Lee, who was murdered by a state representative, Hurst [E.H. Hurst], who lived down in that general area of southwest Mississippi in Ames County with Lee and Steptoe [E.W. Steptoe] and the rest. And then after that kind of..