Interview with Herbert Muhammad

Very good, excellent, excellent. Now you and Ali went to Europe, went to Africa in `64. What, what were some of the nations you went to and who were some of the leaders you met; what was the, what was the reception like from the people?


Well, ah, before Ali, when Ali met me I was in my studio and, ah, this is how he came to meet me personally after I had informed him about his name. And he came in my studio and just about a week before then I had shot the, a photograph of his first wife, Sonji Clay. And I had delivered her picture to him, to her about two days after I met Ali. And so she signed an autograph, only never meeting Ali, but she signed her picture, 11 by 14--from one champ to another--and never seen Ali, that's his first wife, Sonji Aur- Sonji Aurora, at that time. And Ali, from right then, Ali told me that he was invited to go to, ah, make a African tour and did I come, I care to come along. He went to my father and asked my, asked my father 'cause I was working there with my father. My father told him, yes, that I would be the one to go. And I think these were the words that tied me with Ali for 25 years now, my father told him that, ah, "My son, Herbert," my name was called Herbert then, Herbert Muhammad, and he said, "my son, Herbert, will be the one to go with you." 'Cause he knows how I would answer any question that you want to ask me, just ask my son Herbert, and he would tell you. This was a bounding, binding factor from, ah, me and Ali career, from that day to this, that Ali knows that, ah, when he's speaking, he ask me a question, that I would answer them like my father would answer them to him, and this is the person that really Ali loved and followed, into his career.