Interview with Herbert Muhammad

Mr. Muhammad, tell me the, the, name the three countries that you and Ali went to when you, on your tour of Africa, and how was he received?**


Yes, in 1964, ah, we was, Ali was invited to go to several African countries. Ah, the three that, ah, I remember very distinctly is, is, ah, Ghana and Nigeria and Egypt. And he was received very well from all the mass of the people. Ah, they came out in hundreds of thousands. In fact, in Ghana, I thought I might even get killed, just so many people was running to Ali, I ran away from him to get, to save my life. Ah, and the same thing happened in, in Egypt**. They would almost turn over the cars that Ali was, ah, in--they just, it was just, you just really can't even believe how it was, it was worse than they showed the Beetles, when the people come out to the Beetles or Michael Jackson. Yes, it was very, very good.


Great, let's cut, that's good, that's a very good answer.