Interview with Herbert Muhammad

And tell me about what you were saying that you were soldiers and, and no one, and nobody who was a member of the Nation spoke to your, your father about what they should do.


Oh yes, being, when like Muhammad Ali or myself or anyone else, I was also in that time, and my brother Wallace, who's now the head of our community, he went to jail, my br- I had three or four brothers went to jail before we even saw Ali. So, ah, everyone knowed at that time, there's no need of going to ask the Honorable Elijah Muhammad what should they do because that would show that they was weak in their faith. They would believe that I must be wea- in, weak in my faith, after I know my leader done taken a st- a stand, in his life, and spent five years in jail for not going to the Army, they were, "How can I feel to go and ask that same leader, 'what should I do?'" His record speaks for itself what he should tell you. So, but he wouldn't get, ah, my father would not let his self be a party to that because they kn- he know the that was, that person can go and tell the draft people that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say "I'm not going, I'm not going," then they'll go and charge my father. So my father would never give them a answer what they should do, said, "Do whatever your conscious leads you to do, follow your own conscious."


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