Interview with Dillard Munford

What about the joint-venture program? Do you remember the joint-venture and it came up with the airport?


Yeah, well, this was a pay-off to the Paschal brothers; they're the largest- Maynard didn't get any money from the White community. Everything he raised in his campaign came from the Black community. And, the Pascal brothers, who are wealthy people and run hotels and restaurants and stuff, they were the main contributor. So, it looked like the pay-off to the Paschals was the airport contract, which was very disadvantageous to the city, and very advantageous to the Paschals. But, this was, this and affirmative action, were the two things that, ah, I think abused the tax-payer more than anything else. I know of no, ah, side-deals or underhanded or crooked anything like that. And, these were all, all legitimate, all government sponsored programs; but, they went beyond that. And, ah, the Pascals came out very well. And, two or three contractors did, too. One of them particularly, ah, was a good contractor, anyhow. And, he became very wealthy; he had seven contracts at the airport, and, ah, he came up smelling like a rose.