Interview with Dillard Munford

Can you remember any specific stories of discussions with other businessmen about the Maynard Jackson problem?


Well, every time you got at least two or three business people together, that was the subject. Because, ah, we were paying a lot of money in taxes and had no idea what was happening to the money or who was administering it, if they were competent people, if they were honest people. And it was just a big question of really, what's going on? There is no way to find out. When you can't, ah, talk to the mayor or to somebody in his office who speaks with his authority, you're at a loss. And, when you're putting million of dollars into taxes in a, in a, in a city, you have to wonder about it a bit. So, yes, we talked every time we got together about it. And, they weren't very pleasant things we said about Maynard Jackson.