Interview with Dillard Munford

I have a really funny image of these very powerful, strong, businessmen feeling like orphans with your noses pressed against the glass. I mean, how did you all feel. The White business community?


We felt that we were at bay. We were out there barking and nothing was happening. And, ah, that went on for a long time, couple three years. So, it was a very unpleasant and unhappy situation for the business people. And, I think a disastrous situation for the city; because, ah, we just marked ground for two or three years. Because, in the past we had had such a wonderful working relationship between the business community and the city: we built a stadium, we built the Cowboys' Club, we built a lot of things in joint venture with the city and the business people. When you lost one, you lost the, you lost the deal, the momentum. And, we lost the momentum, no question. **


OK, cut. OK, I think--